Mica Iron Metal luster Series

Mica Iron Metal Luster Series

Publish: 2015-07-29
Mica iron metal luster series
Type Color

Particle size


(Fe2O3) % Special Properties
XC 502 Red-Brown 10-60μm 42 Bright metal luster, intense red-brown effect
XC 504 Wine red 10-60μm 46 Bright metal luster, intense wine red effect
XC 508 Ruby 10-60μm 60 Bright metal luster, intense blue-russet effect
XC 510 Coffee 10-60μm 70 Bright metal luster, intense coffee effect
XC 520 Bronze satin 5-25μm 44 Bland metal luster and bronze effect, excellent
XC 522 Red-Brown satin 5-25μm 54 Bland metal luster and red-brown effect, excellent
XC 524 Wine red satin 5-25μm 58 Bland metal luster and wine ?red effect, excellent
XC 534 Glitter wine red 10-100μm 35 Sparkle metal luster, deep wine red color
XC 535 Glitter mauve 10-100μm 36 Sparkle metal luster, deep mauve color
XC 5301 Super flash bronze 20-150μm 20 Super Sparkle metal luster, deep bronze color
XC 5302 Super flash brown 40-200μm 23 Super Sparkle metal luster, deep brown effect
XC 5351 Super flash mauve 40-200μm 31 Super Sparkle metal luster, deep mauve color