TRUSTCOLOR pigments can be widely used in concrete, paint, coating, asphalt, rubber, plastics, rubber-based products, paper and other industries, and bring bright visual effect for products.

Cement/ Concrete/ Paving Tile/ Wear-Resisting Floor

TRUSTCOLOR pigments are quite stable against sunlight and UV, which has excellent hiding power and tint strength, and maintain long-term brightness and beautiful appearance. Designers, architects, builders and developers are committed to TRUSTCOLOR pigments to achieve their design concept of coloring concrete.

Asphalt/ Plastic/ Paper/ Rubber

This series of pigments have excellent heat resistance, migration resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, and can remain stable under a variety of climate and environment.

Paint/ Coating/ Coil Coating

TRUSTCOLOR pigments have good powder fineness and disperse easily. Required powder fineness for paint and coating can be achieved through simple dispersion in our fine manufacturing process of pigments.

Ceramics/ Glass/ Enamel

TRUSTCOLOR pigments have good powder fineness, strong resistance to temperature (up to 1200 ℃), bright color, used in ceramics, glass, enamel coloring.


Mulch, due to its environmental protection and economic properties, is widely used in landscape construction. As we all know, iron oxide pigments as a form of hematite in nature are non-toxic, neither pollutional nor harmful to human and biological. Therefore, TRUSTCOLOR iron oxide pigments can be widely used in mulch.

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