Organic Bentonite 38

Organic Bentonite 38

Publish: 2015-07-08

Organic Bentonite 3 8


Organic Bentonite 38 is a kind of traditional organic ammonium montmorillonite organoclay,which is applicable to aliphatic and aromatic system of low-medium polar solvent, such as mineral oil, paraffin oil, toluene, xylene, 200# solvent oil systems. This product is similar to Bentone 34.


38, as a kind of thickening, anti-sinkable, anti-sagging and thixotropy additive, is widely used in All solvent paint and coatings , sealing compounds, and cast coatings , grease, etc.


38 can disperse at normal temperature. Pre-gel is suggested to make out of it and, added before grinding. High shearing equipments should be adopted so as to achieve the best dispersible effect.801-B can be dispersed completely with polar activator including: carbonic acid allethrin,methanol/water (95/5), ethanol/water (95/5)or acetone. The best dosage of polar activator can be changed according to different systems, usually 30-50% of the organoclay.


38’s dosage in the system is usually 0.5-2.0% (percentage in weight)

Common chemical, physical properties:


Montmorillonite organic ammonium derivative


Light white fine powder



LOSS ON IGNITION(850-105 ) % 




VISCOSITY PA.S(10% 200# GEL,25 ) %




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