Anatase Titanium Dioxide X-A550

Anatase Titanium Dioxide X-A550

Publish: 2015-07-06

Product: Anatase Titanium Dioxide X-A550

CAS NO.: 13463-67-7

CI NO.: Pigment White 6

Molecular Formula: TiO2 

Molecular Weight: 79.9

Property: It is an economical anatase pigment which produced by sulphate process.

No poisonous and chemically stable product which is insoluble water, organic solvent and varies concentration of acid-base under normal temperature , has excellent optical performances, good weather resistance, high hiding power, high tint reducing power and good dispersity.

Application: textile printing paste, plastic recycling

Packaging: In 25 kg multi-ply paper bag or 500kg, 1000kg bulk bag

Storage and Safety: should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated, dry place. Keep away from ignition source, heat and flame.

Avoid breathing duct when handling,and wash with soap & water in case of skin contact. For more details,please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.



Premium Grade

TiO2 content, % 


Relative tint reducing power, % ≥


Oil absorption, g/100g ≤


Moisture 105℃, % ≤


Sieve residue (325 mesh), % ≤


Water soluble substance, % ≤


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